7 Figure Funnel Breakdown + How To Market (Step-By-Step)

Dec 08, 2022

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Alright now onto the letter (note: the example used in this letter is no longer available on the web, but all the screenshots/breakdowns are more than enough to get the message across)...


May 2020 (Issue #19)

This Month’s Issue is designed to upgrade your marketing toolbox like nothing else. I’m going to give you the keys to the marketing castle, then tear apart a 7-figure funnel and show you exactly how you can use the marketing keys to write killer ads, copy, emails. Everything. 

Here is the breakdown of this 3-Part Letter.

Part #1: Keys To The Marketing Castle 

  • Preliminary Work
  • Marketing Elements (Must-Haves)
  • Checklists/Purpose Of Marketing (Your Marketing Must Successfully Fulfill Each Of These Points To Win Over New Customers)
  • Tools At Your Disposal: How To Fulfill Each Point 

Part #2: Application: Tearing Apart A 7-Figure Funnel 

  • Intro To The Endless Options Funnel: How It Leverages The Keys To The Marketing Castle
  • Ad Copies + Landing Pages
  • Video Sales Letter (VSL)
  • 10-Part Email Sequence

Part #3: Takeaways

  • Key Points To Remember
  • How To Run With This Yourself

Since this letter will have to be kept within the normal 10-15 page limit, let’s get straight into it and not waste a single word. 

Part #1: Keys To The Marketing Castle  

Preliminary Work

Before one can market successfully, one must ensure he is first targeting a group of people inside a starving crowd. 

What makes up a starving crowd? 

A group of people who share deep rooted needs/desires/hunger/fears that they want solved and are willing to do anything (give up any amount of money within reason) to solve it. When it comes to internet marketing, there are 3 types of starving crowds (this is review for a lot of you, so going to keep this brief). 

  1. Starving Crowd Who Wants To Make Money (Wealth)
  2. Starving Crowd Who Wants To Lose Weight (Health)
  3. Starving Crowd Who Wants To Improve Their Dating Life (Social) 

Those are the three main drivers of modern society. To live a good life, one must be good at making money, have good health, and a vibrant and rich romantic life. Unfortunately, most people don’t check off any of these essentials - hence why there’s such a large need/hunger for products/information/resources that can help one achieve success in any one of the above categories.

But be that as it may, you can’t just target the entire market as a whole and offer a generic product. Most people try doing this. Most people fail. These three starving crowds are made up of a wide range of people who share a wide range of problems and who want a wide range of solutions. 

As a result, you must break the overall market into a smaller sub-section and then pick a specific target within this smaller sub-section and offer a SPECIFIC solution (again all this is review for most of you). And what’s more is your specific solution must be a *HOT* offer. 

But what exactly makes up a hot offer?

Look, I’m just going to give you the real (I’m not saying this is right or wrong or that you should use this, but this is just the reality of human nature). 

A hot offer abides by the deep-rooted wiring encoded inside every human being. Human beings are wired to conserve energy. Dating back to evolutionary times, all one had was his energy levels. He had to use his energy levels to gather food, fight off enemies, protect his family, build tools, etc. A man who spent his energy aimlessly would soon find himself out of food, resources, health and on the brink of death (if his community didn’t look after him). 

As a result, we’re all wired to conserve energy. 

What this means is: 

We want to achieve our goals/solve our problems by expending the LEAST amount of energy. 

In other words: 

The types of products/offers we crave are ones that promise to: 

  • Work fast & deliver instant gratification (within hours, days, weeks)
  • Be very easy to get results with (i.e. step-by-step)
  • Require almost no work from us (i.e. served to us on a platter)

These offers speak to us on an evolutionary level and trick us into thinking we can go from point A (where we are), dealing with xyz emotions (all our fears, pains, heartaches) and go to point B (where we want to be), experiencing all our desired pleasures (joy, love, happiness) without expending much energy. 

If you’re selling an offer to the masses (think Middle America) and you’re telling em’ it’s going to be hard, require lots of work, and deliver slow results (like how I position Clicks&Copy University lol) it’s NEVER going to work. They’re going to run in the other direction. 

And that’s because…

People (especially the masses) desire offers that are magic bullets. 

Got that? So now that you know you have to pick a specific target and offer a specific solution that is perceived as a magic bullet, what’s next? Now it comes down to formulating your marketing elements. 

Marketing Elements (Must-Haves)

Once you have a hot offer for a specific target inside a starving crowd, how do you go about marketing it? By crafting powerful marketing elements. There are 5 in total. And if you neglect these, I don’t care how good your copy skills are… how BIG your ad budget is… how many resources you have at your disposal, you will FAIL. 

Here are the 5 (review for most of you):

  1. UNIQUE SELLING POINT/MECHANISM - Why your solution is unique and why this uniqueness aka mechanism is the reason your offer is going to deliver on the BIG promise.
  2. BIG IDEA - The angle, hook, idea you use to provoke curiosity and get the attention of your prospect. 
  3. BIG PROBLEM - The #1 problem your offer solves for the target (pick ONLY one. Don’t try to solve every problem. Focus on the biggest and the baddest)
  4. BIG PROMISE - The solution to the BIG problem. BIG benefit your target is going to experience as a result of using your solution.
  5. PROOF - Proof that you and others are already using the USP/Unique Mechanism to experience the BIG promise you’re making.

Got it? Those are the 5 elements you need to build killer marketing around your offer. Once you have gathered the answers to these elements, it’s time to keep it pushing.

Checklists/Purpose Of Marketing (Your Marketing Must Successfully Fulfill Each Of These Points To Win Over Customers)

After you have picked a specific target inside a starving crowd, created a specific hot offer that’s positioned as a magic bullet, and crafted your marketing elements - the next step is to ask yourself: 

What is the goal of marketing? What invisible boxes do I have to check inside the target’s head in order to get him to buy? People are not stupid. They don’t just buy any random product that promises to deliver what they seek. Instead, they have a guiding list of criteria running through their head that you must check to set off what I call the *internal click*. Once you fulfill each of the criteria, you set off the internal click inside the prospect and their next thought is: “Where is my wallet? I gotta grab this…”

Again, I’m going to keep it 100% real with you…

People think they experience the *internal click* as a result of free will. But they don’t (sorry!). Top tier marketers know exactly what boxes they have to check off inside your head to trigger the internal click (I’ve been doing this for so long that I can now point to the exact part of the copy where I know the target will experience the internal click. I’m not special or have any extra sensory powers haha. It’s just logical. If your marketing ticks off the correct buying criteria in the right order, the internal click goes off just as it was programmed to. That’s all we’re really trying to do with our marketing. Make the internal click go off). 

So what are the invisible boxes we must check off inside the target’s head in order to make the *internal click* go off? 

Here’s what we must do (no particular order):

  • Instantly capture the target's attention (In order for us to even get our offer in front of the target’s pupils, we must first hijack his brain with a BIG, relevant idea that appeals to his selfish interests. By doing so, his Reticular Activating System (RAS) will tune out everything else and we’ll have captured his attention. This is the case because RAS only allows you to take in reality that it thinks is important to you. Creating a BIG idea around what the target classifies as important is the key to literally hijacking his brain and building attention)
  • Present ONE BIG promise, ONE BIG idea, ONE BIG problem that all ties into the root desire the target’s RAS is programmed to seek (for some it’s solving chronic pain, for others is making money, for others it's losing fat. All of our RAS are programmed. That’s why we must create marketing based off the 5 elements discussed above)
  • Invoke strong emotion (to invoke action, one must first invoke emotion. Curiosity, fear, desire, lust, greed, laziness, etc. Ideally we want to invoke ONE core dominating emotion and a bunch of supporting ‘secondary’ emotions with our marketing)
  • Prove to the target that they can trust you because you were once just like them and you truly and deeply understand them and what they’re going through (you must do this genuinely and with empathy. People can see through lies. The more vulnerable you make yourself, the more people will trust you (without trust, no sale takes place). The more scars you reveal, the more people will be able to relate to you and think “Fuck, this guy was just like me!” This is the thought you need to trigger inside the target’s head.)
  • Prove to the target you’re credible/expert/figure of authority (if a doctor recommends x course of action to you, you are a million times more likely to take action than if I told you the same shit. Why? The influence of the doctor coat. We think, “this guy is a doctor, he’s gone to school for years, he has practiced his craft for years, he has so much experience, and expertise - he must know what he’s talking about!” and so we believe him. You need to elicit the same authority. You can do this by showcasing all that you’ve gone through via stories and/or by leveraging credibility from respected sources (this is why you’ll see all types of copy say things like: “I’ve spent $100,000 testing this” or “I’ve been featured in Good Morning America, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, blah blah blah.”)
  • Prove to the target how your solution is unique/new/exciting (prospect’s have tried products and failed over and over again in the past - just the reality. Anything old triggers the “this is probably the same old BS feeling”. Something new triggers the “breakthrough in science” or “breaking news” feeling. Prospect’s always feel like they’re missing something to go from point A to point B and they’re always waiting for something new to be that. By positioning your solution as new and unique, you feed that internal driver)
  • Prove beyond a reasonable doubt that your solution is the best way for the target to go from where he is to where he wants to be (positioning 101. Nobody buys in a vacuum. You have competitors. You must position your product in such a way that it is *perceived* as the best solution for the target)
  • Prove to your target they can use your solution to get their desired results without having to do all the stuff they hate (remember the magic bullet?)
  • Prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that your solution has already and will continue to fulfill on the BIG promise (this is where highlighting your USP and PROOF elements come into play)
  • Remove all the objections/knock out all limiting beliefs your target has about why your solution won’t work for them (people are conditioned to view themselves as victims. They always come up with reasons for why your solution won’t work for them. If you don’t address these objections/limiting beliefs, you’ll fail to trigger the internal click)
  • Prove every claim you made
  • Demonstrate how value > price
  • Trigger pain by showing the target what they stand to lose by not taking action & trigger pleasure by showing what the target stands to gain by taking action
  • Present a strong reason to act NOW
  • Do all the above without BORING the prospect

Those are the goals we must achieve with our marketing. Understood? Yes, you say but how exactly do you do it? 

Here’s how I do it:

Tools: How To Fulfill Each Point

1. Craft powerful marketing elements. 

We build all our marketing assets (ad copy, emails, sales pages) around these elements. So I cannot overstate how important it is to spend the necessary time upfront to get these down. Make these elements as powerful as possible. 

2. Brainstorm REAL stories that the target would resonate with 

The more similar your story is to what your prospect is experiencing RIGHT now, the more you can leverage it to build trust.

3. Take out a piece of paper and fold it... 

On the left hand side, write down every single objection/limiting belief that would STOP a prospect from buying your solution. On the right hand side, write down the answer to the objection. 

Example Objection/Limiting Belief For A Dating Product: 

“This probably only works for good looking guys. I’m too ugly.” 


“That’s what we originally thought. But turns out, this has been working for every member of our test group. And these guys are no Brad Pit (they’ll tell you themselves!). Some of these guys are balding… others are overweight… some have terrible acne… and yet they’re still dating model quality women that most people would consider out of their league.”

See how that works? By answering the objection, you fill the hole inside the target that would’ve kept him from buying. You must do this for EVERY major objection/limiting belief your target has. So brainstorm all objections/limiting beliefs of your target and answer each. Do not hide from objections. Face them.

4. What credibility/authority can you leverage?

How did the solution you’ve created come to be? 

How many man hours, effort, money did you spend bringing it to life? Also, who are you and what makes you credible? 

What are your credentials/achievements/accomplishments in the area you’re selling your solution in? 

5. Brainstorm ways to create urgency 

Limited quantity? Enrollment ending soon? Price increasing soon? The more specific, the better. Price increases from $x to $xx on [Day at Time] is better than ‘Limited Time Offer’. 

Once you’ve answered these 5 questions, now all you have to do is write ads, sales copy, emails, VSLs, etc. around your 5 key marketing elements while sharing stories to build trust, handling objections, showcasing your credibility, and giving people a reason to act now. If you do that, you will sell products faster and easier than ever before and in larger quantities. And you won’t believe how easy it was. Because what I’ve covered up above is truly the 80% you need to double down on to become a killer marketer. What I’ve covered above is really the essence of direct response marketing. 

So how do you apply this? 

How do you use this to write killer ads, sales copy, emails? 

It’s one thing to just give you all the game above and let you fend for yourself, it’s another thing to show you the whole game in action so you can fully internalize it - right?

So let’s do that now. 

Below I present to you a funnel that’s absolutely killing it right now (and that’s not a surprise because it abides by all that we’ve covered above). I’m going to rip every piece of this funnel to shreds and show you exactly how all the above is being leveraged to make $$$s hand over fist. 

Part #2: Application: Tearing Apart A 7-Figure Funnel 

Before we get into it, I wanna give a BIG shoutout to Nate (@SCHM7DT) for first bringing this funnel to my attention via Twitter. After he did, I spent the next week tearing it apart (as I tend to do for my own sake) and now I thought I’ll share all that knowledge with you too? 

So let’s go. 

Intro To The Endless Options Funnel: How It Leverages The Keys To The Marketing Castle

Funnel: Endless Options (it’s an online dating product that helps men land better/more dates with high quality women using apps such as Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, etc.)

Before we dive into all the ads, sales copy, emails, etc. - I want to first break down this funnel according to all that we’ve covered above (again this is all my own thoughts + viewpoints that I jotted down after studying this sales funnel in very great detail). By reading this first, you’ll get more from the teardowns that follow. 


Here’s the ‘Overview Breakdown’ for this offer.

Starving Crowd/Market: Dating/Social 

Smaller Sub-Market Within The Larger Starving Market: Online Dating For Men

Specific Target Inside Sub-Market: A man between 18-35 who is using apps such as Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, but struggling to get dates with high quality women. 

Specific ‘Hot’ Offer: Endless Options

Qualities Of ‘Hot’ Offer: 

  • Fast: Endless Options System starts working in less than 7 days.
  • Easy: Plug and play five-step system. Everything is step-by-step and given to you on a platter. 
  • Requires No Work From You (Done For You): We’ve already tested and discovered the best photo styles you should use, the exact opening messages you should send, the perfect bio you can copy/paste, what stories to tell, what messages to send, what voice notes to send, everything is tested and done for you. All you have to do is copy/paste and you’ll start getting matches and dates with the top 1% of women who use dating apps.

Now that we’ve broken down the target inside the starving crowd and the offer, let’s move onto the marketing elements used to sell this hot offer.

Marketing Elements:

  • USP/UNIQUE MECHANISM: Signal to noise ratio, concept of emotional highs 
  • BIG IDEA: The Best Opening Message Ever Discovered 
  • BIG PROBLEM: Prospect is using apps such as Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, but struggling to get matches/dates with high quality women because he doesn’t know what to say, has a bad bio, has shitty pictures, can’t find enough high quality women, can’t compete with the better looking guys, etc. 
  • BIG PROMISE: Use the signal to noise ratio concept to beat out all the other guys and start dating the top 1% of women who use apps such as Tinder, Hinge, Bumble in as little as 7 days. 
  • PROOF: Spent $250,000 & two-years figuring this out, student David used this system to get engaged to a model, Jesse (co-founder of Endless Options) used this system to date beautiful women all over the world despite being a bald, short, 30-year old Indian (his words, not mine). He now has a model girlfriend too. Stories of other students who are landing dates with top-tier women using this system.

These marketing elements may not make sense to you right now… I’m just listing these out so when we get into the copy, you’ll know exactly what to look for and will see everything clear as day (these are the elements every piece of copy from ads to emails to VSLs is built around). Okay now that we have the marketing elements covered, let’s move onto the remaining 4 questions and see how this sales funnel answers each of those questions to make the internal click go off inside the brain of prospects. Then we’ll get into dissecting all the marketing assets.

Stories that the target would resonate with: 

Jesse’s story of how Endless Options came to be after his ex, the girl that he loved, the girl he wanted to marry, the girl he dated for 6 years up left him randomly and moved onto another guy after telling him, “I don’t love you anymore.” And how this breakup pushed Jesse almost to the brink of suicide. Until he decided to move the fuck on and travel the world and start hacking the online dating scene to find someone even better by leveraging a team of marketers, data scientists, assistants, etc. And all the success he experienced as a result of doing this.

Objections → Selling Points (in no particular order)

  • I’m too ugly for this to work for me → That’s what I thought. My name is Jessie and I’m a 5 foot 7’ 30-year old balding Indian guy and I’m dating literal models using dating apps (so nope you’re not too ugly for this work for you!)
  • Why should I listen to you? → I’m an internally known dating expert. I have been featured on ABC News, Huffington Post, the front page of Reddit. I have gotten over half a billion views on YouTube for changing the dating life of millions of men. But more important than any of that, is I did something really weird. I spent 26 months and two hundred and fifty four thousand eight hundred and eleven dollars and 32 cents testing every single theory on how to attract women online. 
  • Why did you try to hack online dating? → Story of Jesse and his experience with his ex
  • Why will this work when nothing in the past has worked for me? → I’ve figured out the greatest online dating secret ever discovered called the signal to noise ratio.
  • What is the signal to noise ratio? → Describe it.
  • How does signal to noise ratio apply to online dating? → Most messages guys send are noise. You can beat the competition by becoming the signal in a sea of noise by making her feel an emotional high. 
  • What’s an emotional high? → Explain what emotional highs are and leverage the story of how Jesse used to make viral videos thanks to emotional highs
  • Okay, what’s the world’s greatest opener? → Show em
  • Why does the world’s greatest opener work? → It’s fun, it’s silly, it’s memorable. It gives her an emotional high that no one else on the app is giving her.
  • What do you do after you’ve sent the opening message? → You need to be using these emotional highs at every step of the process in order to keep her interested enough to go on a date with you. Luckily, I’ve invented a system designed around this. 
  • What’s the system? → Endless Options
  • What will I gain from using the system? → You’ll be able to date the top 1% of females who use dating apps within 7 days.
  • How does the system work & what does it include? → Endless Options is a plug and play five-step system that teaches you how to hack online dating by leveraging emotional highs that have been proven to make the most attractive women want to date you. I outline step-by-step how to construct the perfect bio to handing you my entire vault of my best lines to how to get the date. 
  • Okay but what exactly will I get? Tinder match hack, How to flip the script and make hot girls chase you, best voice notes to send out, best dating app that most men are not using, secret to the best dating app bio ever written, exact word-for-word message that you can send girls when you want to ask em out, entire vault of lines/messages/stories that leverage emotional highs so effectively that she’ll be obsessed with meeting you and only you. 
  • How is this better than everything else on the market? → No one else in the world has ever taken such a data-driven approach to truly discover the world’s best opening message, the world’s best voice notes, the world’s greatest way to ask someone out that you meet online until now. 
  • I don’t have a lot of time, will this still work for me? → Yes, it requires almost no work from you. All you have to do is follow the steps that I’ve laid out and use the plug-and-play templates that I’ve made and you will be dating the top 1% of attractive women that use apps like Tinder or Hinge. 
  • How can you be certain these templates are so powerful? → Insert proof of all girls Jesse and students have dated by using these templates + use screenshots of text messages
  • This sounds too good to be true → It’s not when you consider the work that went into discovering these secrets. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses with over 60 hours a week dedicated for nearly two years with a team of advertisers, data scientists, and assistants. 
  • How much does it cost? → Price anchor & then tell price. 
  • That is really expensive for a dating product → Is it really? Especially when you consider I’ve invested $250,000 to test and fully optimize this. Especially once you consider what it makes possible. If this product allowed you to meet the woman you go on to marry, would it be worth the price? What if it just allowed you to date 3 new smoking hot girls a week, would it be worth the price? Of course. It’d be a no-brainer. 
  • Okay, has this worked for others? → Use the story of David and other students in the test group. 
  • These other guys probably have something I don’t (i.e. money, looks, status) → Nope! These are regular guys (just like you) and they’re dating women most people would consider out of their league. 
  • If you spent $250,000 testing and refining this product, why are you giving it away for only $397? → Because I don’t want money getting in the way of you meeting the girl that you’re potentially going to spend the rest of your life with. 
  • What happens if it doesn’t work for me? → It has a 100% success rate, but even still I want to show you how much I stand behind the system by offering a 30-day money back guarantee. 
  • Why are you offering such a strong guarantee? → Because I want to take all the risk. 
  • Can I learn this for cheaper? → No because nobody else is teaching this. Nobody else has figured out a system like this. A system backed by over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in research, and testing, and it’s worked for 100% of people I’ve taught it to. 
  • 100% for real? Yes, really. I didn’t want to say it because it seems unbelievable, but it’s the truth. 
  • How long is this open for? → Few days. 
  • Who is this for? → Tell em stuff that describes what they want.
  • Who is this not for? → Tell em stuff that describes what they don’t want. 
  • How soon does this start working? → Within 7 days.

Credibility/authority leveraged:

  • Jesse is an internationally known dating expert
  • Featured on ABC news, Huffington Post, front page of Reddit
  • Has gotten over half a billion views on YouTube for changing the dating life of millions of men
  • Spent 26 months and $254,811.32 testing every single theory on how to attract women online (side note: if Jesse said he spent $250,000 it wouldn’t be as believable as $254,811.32. Why? The more specific your marketing, the more believable it is)
  • Hired a team of virtual assistants to make hundreds of Tinder accounts, testing different bios and different openers
  • Spent over $20k running FB and IG ads directly to various dating profiles he was testing 
  • Crawled through broken glass trying to figure out the perfect online dating system 

Brainstorm ways to create urgency

Exclusive enrollment. Only available for the next few days.


Alright now we’ve broken everything down from a bird’s eye view. Now let’s show you all the marketing assets (ads, landing pages, VSLs, emails) used, plus how all the above was leveraged to create those marketing assets and really sell the heck out of this offer (once you see this everything we’ve discussed till now will make a whole lot of sense and you’ll discover how to write power copy yourself!). 

Below you will find links to the ad copies + landing pages, Video Sales Letter, 10-part email sequence (download em). Alongside these marketing assets, I provide a full analysis and tear down of exactly how everything we discussed above is being leveraged to successfully market and sell Endless Options at scale to Cold Traffic (one of the hardest things to do as a marketer. Yet it becomes a lot easier once you know and implement all that I’ve shown you above). 

Here are the marketing assets + my teardowns: 

1. Ad Copies + Landing Page 

2. Video Sales Letter Teardown

3. 10-Part Email Sequence Teardown

But BEFORE you click on the above, it’ll probably help to know how the front end funnel was structured, so here is that piece of information: 

Facebook Ad → Opt-In Page → Video Sales Letter → Order Form 

(Once people opt-in, they’re also put on the 10-part email sequence and these emails are sent out over the next few days to get people to buy who haven’t already.)

Alright now that you understand the above, go ahead and click-through and read through all the marketing assets + my teardowns (I suggest first reading through all the copy, then reading through my breakdowns/comments). Then come back to this letter when you’re ready to proceed. 

Part #3: Takeaways

Epic stuff, isn’t it? 

Do you now see how all that we discussed inside Part One is being used to make money hand over fist with this offer?

Do you see how regardless of whether it’s through email, ads, sales letters - the same elements are used over and over again?

Do you see how the same stories are leveraged?

And how credibility is raised while objections and limiting beliefs are lowered over and over again?

Do you see how the internal click is created inside the target’s head?

All of this is by design. And now you know it. This is what marketing is, my friend. This is what deep rooted, psychology driven direct response marketing is all about. You now have the keys to the castle. 

So here are the key points to remember:

1) Pick a specific target inside a subsection of a hot market (don’t try to sell to everybody)

2) Create or sell a hot offer that is in alignment with the wiring us humans are built with

3) Devote 80% of your attention to crafting the most powerful marketing elements you possibly can (everything is built on this! Get this right and you crush it. Get this wrong and you crumble)

4) Leverage vulnerable stories to build trust

5) Showcase your credibility

6) Brainstorm and address EVERY major objection/limiting belief running through your target’s head

7) Create urgency. 

Do the above and you can sell anything (hot offer) to anyone (inside a starving crowd), at scale. 

How can you implement this? Two ways.

  1. Use this process/framework to build and sell offers for yourself (or affiliate) - You now know what makes up a hot offer. And how to sell it. Use this knowledge to find the best ecommerce products to sell. Use this knowledge to create new info-products. Whatever. And then follow the framework to market and sell the hell out of it (make sure your offer actually delivers on the promise it makes though - that’s the key to building a long-term business)
  2. Master this process and help clients execute it. Most people in business have no idea about this process. They have ZERO clue. Just look at the state of info-marketers. There’s a lot of info-products companies that can sell to organic traffic, but can’t sell to cold traffic because they don’t know how to execute all the above. Now you know. Use this understanding to help them scale up their business via cold traffic. If you do, you won’t believe how much $$$s you can make both your clients and yourself.

How can I be so sure?

The above two things are what I personally do. I’m not one of these guys who hides behind BS and doesn’t tell you how they actually make money. I have no desire to keep that a secret. Everything I revealed above is how I make my money. I’ve built a machine to execute the above process both for myself and clients. There’s nothing stopping you from doing the same. After all, like I said… you now have the keys to the marketing castle.

Only question is… 

What will you do with em? 

Anyhow, that’s it for me for this Issue. I wanted to mix things up and go deep into marketing and really expose all the keys this month. 

I hope I’ve delivered and met or exceeded your expectations. If I didn’t then shiiiit I don’t know what to tell you besides learning the above took me 4.5 years… and hours and hours of painstaking work… and hundreds of thousands of dollars (oh shit… now I’ve started marketing to you… alright Imma stop haha.)

See you next month, my good friend! 

Tej Dosa 

P.S. I never want to market or sell to you inside these letters because you paid for this product to get knowledge, not to get bombarded with sales pitches. But in this letter, I think I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t tell you that if you truly want to master the above process and get good at it, you can check out my course 6 Figure Promotions for a mid-level understanding, or apply to become a client of Clicks&Copy to become an advanced master at executing the above (not going to post the links here as this isn’t a pitch, so if you’re interested just find the links). Thanks! 

Boom! That was the letter. 

Again... if you enjoyed... this was just 1 of 50 letters I've sent out for the last 4 years. 

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