How To Ruin Your Life

Nov 21, 2022

1. live on the side of the majority - the majority is almost always wrong about everything. Diet, wealth, relationships, the nature of the universe, employment, death, failure, everything. Ignore the majority, find your own truth.

2. be quick to criticize what you do not understand - if your decisions don’t mesh with mine, I shouldn’t criticize, but understand. Close minded folks let opportunity after opportunity pass them by because they chose criticism over understanding. Mistake.

3. take advice from people like me - nobody knows you like Presence. Trust it and let it unfold, ignore all else.

4. blame your parents for your shortcomings - forgive them for their unconscious behaviors. And move on.

5. become a slave to instant gratification - porn, drugs, alcohol, notifications, social media, television, netflix, youtube.

6. prioritize science over consciousness - for consciousness contains powers science will not understand for another thousand years.

7. pick up a book when you should take action, take action when you should pick up a book - live and learn.

8. gain your drive from insecurity - for you will gain the world, but still feel empty inside.

9. sacrifice health for wealth, then spend wealth on gaining your health back - how stupid and silly of you (and me).

10. operate from fear instead of love - life feels a lot different when you color every moment with love. Even the intolerable becomes tolerable. Most don’t color life with love, but fear. Don’t be like most.

11. dabble - pick a route and walk it. You’ll gain more from doing so than if you dabbled in a hundred different routes.

12. numb yourself - for you’re injecting yourself with the drug of comfort, the most dangerous drug of them all.

13. die one death - to eliminate all fear you need to die before you die, psychologically over and over again.

14. fall victim to group-think - pick up the blunt and smoke it because you want to, not because everybody else is. Be an individual, always.

15. identify yourself with your thoughts, mind, body - if you do, a life of disappointment and heartache is ahead of you.

16. pursue what you love, instead of what makes money - stack the loot and then spend your days doing what you love. Getting paid to do what you love is overrated anyways. For mixing commerce with love will have you falling out of love.

17. break life into the past, present, future - for life is an infinite flow of water, appearing fresh each moment. Separating it into chunks makes it lose its magic. Let it flow as one stream.

18. complain about what you are unwilling to change - if you’re x, but not willing to change it. Then don’t complain, but accept. You’ll be happier for it. And once you surrender, the change comes naturally. Try it.

19. never test yourself - only by testing yourself can you figure out who you are. And what you’re capable of becoming.

20. spend a lifetime trying to "add" to your life - there is nothing to add, nothing to lose. You are all of it.

21. let others program you - your parents, girlfriend, siblings, television, media, music, Tej's musings, whatever. It’s all programming. Some good, others bad. Be aware of it all. Unprogram yourself.

22. go through life with a blindfold on - I lived two decades with a blindfold on. Only by becoming aware can you take the blindfold off. And see life for the first time.

23. choose fun when you should choose discipline, choose discipline when you should choose fun - no point in partying when you’re broke and your life is a mess. Do not escape, but face the music. Discipline yourself. On the contrary, no point in saying "no" to life when you are killing it. Enjoy the moment, live it up.

24. life live in black and white - for what filters the mind sets, your life takes on. Control the filters, control your life. That’s the BIG secret they won’t tell you.

25. be afraid to F up your life - for fear will keep you trapped and away from taking risks - making it 1000% more likely that you will actually F up your life. How funny. Stop taking life so seriously. Set big targets, jump before you’re ready and commit to giving it your all as you work, laugh and love on the journey and you will always win - even when you lose.

your friend who only learned all the above after Fing up his life ;-)


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