Elite Marketing Lessons (Mass Control 101)

Nov 21, 2022

I used to think Gary Halbert, Gary Bencivenga, Eugene Schwartz were the greatest copywriters to ever do it. 

I was wrong. 

Greatest copywriters to ever do it are the ones who control the world. And it’s funny because most of us don’t even see the copywriting principles they’re using to control us. 

I didn’t for a long time. 

But the more I saw, the more it made sense. 

Because to keep it all the way real with you…

The stuff the ‘elite’ are doing on a macro scale is stuff I’ve been doing throughout the years on a very teeeeeny tiiiiiny micro scale. 

The same principles they use to create division and keep people in shackles are the same principles I use to create marketing that makes people take action and buy my offers. 

Maybe some people wouldn’t tell you that. 

But it’s just the truth. 

Of course, I rationalize it all in my mind and convince myself the offers I’m selling actually make people’s lives better, richer, happier (and I have tons of proof to back that up), but the core principles still remain the same (so maybe I ain’t shit at the end of the day who knows lol). 

And once you see these principles, you’ll see them everywhere. 

And how they’re being used for you or against you. 

Inside today’s email, I want to dissect a few of these principles and maybe you’ll be able to use this knowledge to gain a better understanding of how everything is marketing. (Nothing is really as it seems.)

Maybe you’ll be able to use this knowledge to free yourself from having your buttons pushed?

Maybe you’ll be able to use this knowledge to create better marketing yourself?

I don’t know. But here goes.

Principle #1) Problem (Create Pain) → Reaction (Pain, Fear) → Solution (Sell Perceived Pleasure)

Before you can sell someone your solution, you first have to create a problem. Every marketer knows this. But not every marketer realizes just how much evil this simple formula can deliver. 

For example, let’s say I wanted to sell a home burglary alarm system. 

How could I go do it?

Two options. 

I could either ring on doors, pitch my alarm system, and try to get people to see the value in it (that would be quite hard and slow and wouldn’t lead to maximum sales). 

Or (ethics & legal nature aside), I could stroll through a neighbourhood at night, pick a house and break a window (create the problem). Then the homeowner would react with fear/concern/worry and while he’s in this high emotional state, I could show up the next day (or a day or two later) and sell him my home burglary alarm system (solution).

Of course that’s not right. It’s illegal. It’s flat out unethical (never do that). 

But I’m just using it as an example to illustrate a bigger point.

Do you see how once you create the problem, you can get people to accept your solution?

Once you create panic in the people, fear increases and cortisol spikes. The people become vulnerable. And start acting like kids in pain. 

When a kid is in pain, he just wants the pain to stop. And is willing to accept any solution to make the pain stop. 

At this point, it’s an easy sale. 

You can get the people to accept anything you desire. It’s quite scary. Because fear paralyzes the higher centers of the brain. Turns off your intuition. And you become a fraction of a fraction of the person you are. 

Much of the media, politics, events that go on are carefully designed to create problems in your mind, elicit fear in your system, so those very same institutions and people can turn around and sell you a solution that serves them, not you (but because you’re in so much imagined pain, you’ll accept it without thinking). 

It happens all the time. But we don’t see it because fear paralyzes our system. But once you see it, you can’t unsee it. Not just in marketing. But in daily life.

Principle #2) Us vs. Them (Labels, Identity & Emotion)

We think labels are innocent, but they’re dangerous beyond belief.

There’s many psychology studies illustrating this point. 

For example, you’ve probably heard of the study where they took a group of people and separated them into two groups. 

Group #1: Inmates

Group #2: Guards

Then let human nature do its thing. And within a very short period of time, it was pure chaos. There was so much hatred and evil. One side going against the other. And raging complete war. 

Such is the power of labels. 

Once you get people to pick a side (doesn’t matter what side they pick), you can easily influence and control them (because they base their identity off the label and once they do that, they become robots!). 

In marketing, we know this. 

It’s why we either tend to use labels to get people to identify with our side (i.e. how YouTubers give a name to their followers) or we create “enemies” with our sales material. I’m sure you’ve noticed this. Take for example a health sales letter. You’ll almost always see something along the lines of:

“Why haven’t you been told these remarkable, simple, disease-destroying health secrets? It’s because big pharma doesn’t want these simple cures to get out there. They’re in the treatment business, not the cure business. What would become of their billion dollar industry if these secrets were released to the masses?”

The enemy being created is BIG PHARMA. This label, in return, creates division and gets the person reading the sales letter to pick our side (because they think we’re speaking in their best interests) which makes it easy for us to sell them (because they’re now one of us).

Copywriters do this all the time. 

Heck, I even did it on the sales page for 6 Figure Promotions

If you read the sales letter, you’ll notice I painted marketers as the enemy.

None of this is by accident. 

So how does this work in society? 

Well, let’s say you have a nation of people you want to control. 

Problem is...

All the people inside the nation pretty much want the same thing: Love, Joy, Freedom, Happiness, Success, Comfort, Safety, Etc.

So as one collective group they’re very hard to control.

But you still want control, so how do you do it?

You create different labels that are designed to create division in the people/view each other as the enemy. 

Conservative vs. Democrat.

Anti-vaccine vs. Vaccine 

Abortion vs. Pro Life

Trump supporters vs. Trump haters

You get the point. 

When you pick one side (doesn’t matter what side), the job of the label is fulfilled because then it latches onto your identity. And by definition to belong to one side is to discount and go against the other side.

Now war is brilliantly created amongst the people…

… who in reality just wanted the same thing haha.

But now they don’t see the similarities in one another because they can only see through their label (which tells them the other side is the enemy).

Such is the danger of labels. 

They blind and program you to turn on each other. 

It’s why I believe: 

“The enemy is not one another. The enemy is the one who programmed you to believe the enemy was your own brother.” 

But of course the people who need to hear this will never hear this because it simply won’t get through their label (Reticular Activation System/Confirmation Bias only allows us to take in what we deem important/in accordance with our beliefs). 

Quite brilliant, isn’t it?

Principle #3) Irresistible Offers  

If you want people to take x action, you have to make it as easy and friction-free as possible. 

Us marketers know this. 

It’s why we’re always selling the easy and fast road.

It’s why we’re always selling the magic bullets.

It’s why we’re always placing irresistible offers in front of you.

And using marketing to get you to consume the offer. 

Of course, the offers we sell you (for the most part) are designed to help you improve your life in some way and that’s great. 

But society at large is designed to place irresistible offers in front of you that keep you broke, dumb, unhealthy, brain-dead, weak, cut off from your powers.

Take what allegedly happened in the inner cities for example. 

Now I ain’t no expert on this (not at all). I’m just using this as a point. Not saying it’s true or false. 

But if you do a little research, you’ll discover that a lot of the inner cities may have been set up for failure. 

There’s historical reports of the government allegedly dropping off guns & crack in the inner cities (irresistible offer). On top of this Hip Hop Music (marketing) was used to entice drug dealing/murder/violence/chaos amongst these inner cities.

Combine irresistible offers together with killer marketing and you can easily get people to do what you want them to do. 

But this doesn’t just impact the inner cities. 

It influences all of us. Daily.

Here’s just a few examples:

Alcohol (irresistible offer) + Party culture/YOLO lifestyle (marketing) = classify the midbrain, cut off your powers, keep living in ignorance

Processed Foods (irresistible offer) + Hundreds Of Locations On Every Corner (Marketing) = obesity, disease, death 

Porn (irresistible offer) + Sexualization of modern society, twerk culture, IG models, sex everywhere (Marketing) = jerk off & deplete your life force, ruin marriages, etc. 

The examples are endless.

Once you see this, you won’t be able to unsee it. 

Irresistible offers + marketing = major influence (for good or bad)

We marketers know this (and tend to use it for good). 

But the elite know it as well (and tend not to use it for good).

So there you have it. Those are just a few examples of how the elite use marketing to bend the world to their will. I’ve got so many more points I could discuss, but those are the biggest IMO. 

So the question now becomes…

How can you offset the control (and regain your powers)?

Well, here’s the 3 solutions I’ve personally implemented with great success (maybe these will help you too?):

1) Choose love over fear. Once you do, you can no longer be victimized by the problem → reaction → solution model. This is why it’s important to study spirituality/consciousness. Because when you do, you realize all fear lies in the fear of death. And death is an illusion. Once you realize death is an illusion, you can no longer be controlled by fear.

2) Drop all the labels. People will go out of their way to put a label on you. Don’t accept any labels. Just become for the people. That’s it. Learn to think without labels. And you’ll quickly see we’re all on the same team. We are not enemies. We are all ONE. And we’ve just been tricked and led astray to create division and conflict.  

3) Grow your awareness. Look at your own life. Analyze what irresistible offers you are drawn towards. Analyze what marketing you expose your senses to (i.e. music, movies, culture, etc.). And ask yourself: What irresistible offers has marketing conditioned you to accept? Do these irresistible offers serve you or rob you of your true powers? Most irresistible offers are designed to give you a temporary ‘feel-good’ feeling on the front end and suck you dry on the back end. Only by realizing this can you begin to say no to the offers that are designed to keep you broke, trapped, miserable, in a rut. 

Just doing the above three things is more than enough to unlock a level of life that most cannot even fathom, let alone experience (because they’ve been tricked and led astray). 

So now that you see the game, play the game to change the game.

Your friend, 


P.S. If you analyze this email very closely, you’ll realize I ain’t shit lol. 

I used the same principles I revealed to you to influence you. 

I created the problem inside your head (elite are controlling you), got you to produce a reaction (uncertainty, confusion, fear) and then gave you a list of solutions to overcome this problem (choose love over fear, drop the labels, grow your awareness). 

And chances are you didn’t even realize it.

In fact, I’m the one who wrote the email and I didn’t even realize I did that until the end haha. 

Found it funny/ironic, so thought I’d share. 

Hopefully that goes to show you just how easy it is to use these principles to produce the outcomes you seek.

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